UK Maths Hubs, Blended Training and Coaching

Thinking Classroom is supporting 10 UK Maths Hubs and associated professionals to develop a high quality blended provision. COVID has presented many issues such as remote facilitation of TRGs and modelling the teaching of mathematics online. Together, we are creating an effective provision that will outlast current challenges.

School Development Jennett’s Park CE Primary

Since 2018 Thinking Classroom has provided a bespoke and flexible development service. This includes leadership coaching, class teaching demonstrations, curriculum development and staff training.

Thinking Heads Group Coaching, London and Online

Thinking Classroom facilitates groups of six to eight headteachers in joint problem solving. These confidential, mutually supportive micro communities provide heads with a safe, valuable and non-judgmental space in which to address common challenges.

Challenge 10 Toolkit

Thinking Classroom has designed a set of 10 generic teaching tools that can be used to create virtually any learning experience: teaching EYFS to KS4; training; team development; online and face-to-face. This is the only toolkit you’ll need.


New Headteacher Coaching, Wandsworth

A first headship is exciting and empowering; a chance to bring to life your passion, values and pedagogy. And it can also be a lonely and overwhelming experience. Thinking Classroom supports each new cohort of headteachers with six executive coaching sessions which often extend for years afterwards.

Zoom School and ZoomCon

In March 2020 Thinking Classroom responded quickly to challenges facing the education community during lockdown. Mike set up free Saturday Zoom school and a twice yearly Zoom Conference. Participants continue to gain invaluable skills and experience in this friendly low-threat community.

STEAM Curriculum Development, Britannica Digital

Thinking Classroom and its associates are currently designing and creating Grade 10-12 and Junior High interactive STEAM resources for non-UK governments. This material is supporting countries to develop a workforce prepared for the demands and opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution.